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Children and young people

Alex McBain

My name is Alex McBain and I’m a deputy lead practitioner at Oranges and Lemons Nursery, Dundee. I’m currently registered with the SSSC as a practitioner in day care of children’s services.

I love music, drama and expressive arts – in fact anything in which I can express myself. I wanted a career which would allow me to encourage others who had a passion for this too, so I looked into working with children.

I started my career with a work trial in an early years setting. I knew instantly that it was my dream job and I could incorporate my passions into it.

A typical day for me involves greeting families as they arrive and completing managerial tasks within our setting. I identify learning needs of children and develop plans to meet these. As a deputy lead practitioner I have started to take on extra responsibilities in monitoring and supporting staff to develop their learning and practice.

I started out as a support worker and have worked my way up to a deputy lead practitioner within three years. I feel going through each role gradually has provided me with the knowledge and experience I need to be where I am now.

Childcare has endless opportunities for progression and development. I look back on my journey and reflect on how far I have come. I am so proud of the achievements I have made and the many more I plan to make.

I have an SVQ Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF level 7. I’m in the process of starting the SVQ at SCQF level 9. I enjoy doing qualifications because they provide me with an opportunity to learn and demonstrate my knowledge about the background of children and each child’s development.

They help me understand the behaviours of children and what is going on inside their heads. Most of the knowledge I have has been through working on the floor with children and putting theory into practice.

The thing I like most about my job is making a difference, being proactive, and inspiring children and adults to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

I find my job extremely rewarding. The passion I have for my job provides me with the ability to stand tall and make that difference, be inspiring and let children lead the way forward.

If you are considering this career I would say this job is incredible. You are there to support and help guide children through a learning journey. A journey where anything can happen.

You have to want this job, not just do it.

I say to myself every day ‘how can I make a difference to these children’s lives today?’

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I say to myself every day ‘how can I make a difference to these children’s lives today?’

Alex McBain Deputy lead practitioner